The Psychopath Test

psychopath test

So I wanted to feed my mind with something more mind-rattling…I picked up Jon Ronson’s ‘The Psychopath Test‘.  I loved the first chapter. It was gripping, a little disturbing.  Just exactly what I needed.  The subsequent chapters, explored different spheres of insanity; some a little too close to home. There’s the man who faked madness (to avoid jailterm), a reputable CEO, an MI5 officer turned Messiah, and the Scientology warfare.

And like Ronson, by mid chapter I started to think about people whom I know, whom fit the bill. Most of them I didn’t like.

To be fair I didn’t spare myself. With Bob Hare 20-point Checklist, a shoddy self-diagnosis detected borderline psychopathy.

Title: The Psychopath Test
Author: Jon Ronson
Hunger level: Burp! …time for dessert!