Bad for the Soul (and spirit)

Few friends have recommended that I watch ‘The Conjuring’, currently showing in cinemas. I have for a while now abstained the horror genre.

I wonder, why would anyone pay to be made frightened and I heard them who had seen the movie is unable to sleep without the lights off, at least for a few days?

Just yesterday, another friend, incessantly urging us to go catch the show. I grew up with Exorcist, Child’s Play and Freddy Krueger’s series and for many years now made up my mind not to do that that could hurt the spirit.

Save the time for something more alluring, such as Christopher Nolan’s Inception, or The Matrix. These could set my mind into a frenzy whirlwind of endless vistas the mind could grasp thus  quench the curious mind.

I enjoy trillers, rom-coms, fantasies, most movies there is. Not slap-stick though, and that’s another subject altogether.

Is life more interesting with having the horror genre in one’s movie list? Should I?